dinsdag 13 maart 2018

MP3 - KISS "The complete The Elder sessions 1981 - upgraded version" - 2CD

The Complete The Elder Sessions 1981 -upgraded version
Recorded in several studios in Toronto, NYC and Wilton

Source : Different tapes and silver CD > transfer via Cubase > FLAC > MP3

CD1 -Demos and Rehearsals :

1-Instrumental (take #1)
2-Heaven/ Breakout (instru. Take #1)
3-The Unknown Force (instru. Take #1)
4-I want you only ("A world without heroes" demo -alt. Lyrics)
5-Its my life (instrumental)
6-Instrumental (take #2)
7-The Unknown Force (instru. Take #2)
8-A World without heroes (instrumental)
9-Don't Run (" Dark Light" demo)
10-Heaven/ Breakout (instru. Take #2)
11-The Council of the Elder (demo)
12-Just a Boy (demo)
13-Nowhere to Run (demo)

CD2 : The Making of « Just a Boy »

1-Just a Boy take #1
2-Just a Boy take #2
3-Just a Boy take #3
4-Just a Boy take #4
5-Just a Boy take #5
6-Just a Boy take #6
7-Just a Boy take #7
8-Just a Boy take #8
9-Just a Boy take #9
10-Just a Boy take #10
11-Just a Boy take #11
12-Just a Boy take #12

Known as the most hated KISS albums by fans and the rest of the world, the music of « The Elder » still remains interesting.

These sessions has been released (or not) through the years on different formats, sources...
I have reunited them on the same support and gave them a new youth by upgrading the sound.
The first CD gives the opportunity to hear pre-production sessions, with KISS jamming with ideas that mostly won't be used for the album. Ace Frehley didn't really take part of this process and only proposed one track recorded in his studio : « Don't Run », that will become « Dark Light ».
Another curiosity is this « It's my life » recording, a track that will end years after on the Wendy O'Williams album produced by Gene Simmons. This track will finally be recorded by the band for « Psycho Circus » but won't be used for the album (we will discover the final version on the KISS boxset).

The second CD is a great view of the evolution of « Just a boy », presenting the different states of arrangement session after session. For completist only....

These more dynamic versions have never circulated, excepting in my home.
Enjoy KISS ARMY !!

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MP3 - KISS live in Munich 2017 - 2CD - May 18


M√ľnchen, Germany
May 18, 2017

Source: Audience Zoom Q2HD Recording
Taped by: SF
Transferred by: SF
Track Setting & Re-Work: CF

Zoom Q2HD > Internal Mics Rear 150 > 16/44 > CD Wave > dbpoweramp > Flac Level 8 > MP3

Line Up:

Paul Stanley - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Thayer - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Gene Simmons - Bass, Vocals
Eric Singer - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

01 Rock And Roll
02 Deuce
03 Shout It Out Loud
04 Banter
05 Lick It Up
06 I Love It Loud
07 Firehouse
08 Shock Me
09 Guitar Solo
10 Flaming Youth
11 Bass Solo
12 God Of Thunder
13 Crazy Crazy Nights
14 War Machine
15 Say Yeah
16 Psycho Circus
17 Black Diamond
18 Rock and Roll All Nite
19 EncoreBreak
20 I Was Made For Lovin' You
21 Detroit Rock City

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MP3 - KISS live in Gothenburg 2017 - 2CD - May 10

Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden

Source: Audience stealth recording
Taper: TheMetalist (CTM)
Gear: AKG CK63-ULS > Nbob actives > Nbox Platinum ABS > Sony PCM-M10

Lineage: Sony PCM-M10 > WAV (24 bit/48 kHz) > USB > PC > iZotope RX/Adobe Audition/Audacity (Edits and EQ) > dBpoweramp Music Converter > WAV 16 bit/44,1 kHz > Trader's Little Helper (Fixing SBE's) > CD Wave Editor (Cue sheet) > dBpoweramp Music Converter > FLAC (Level 8) > MP3

I previously decided not to share this recording as I'm not pleased how it came out. I was positioned a bit too far back and the live sound was pretty bad at that spot. However, I changed my mind. I guess some of you will enjoy this recording regardless of what I think and sharing is caring, right? Take it for what it is.

01. Pre-intro: Rock and Roll
02. Intro
03. Deuce
04. Shout It Out Loud
05. Lick It Up (incl. 'Won't Get Fooled Again' snippet)
06. I Love It Loud
07. Firehouse
08. Shock Me
09. Guitar Solo (Tommy Thayer)
10. Flaming Youth
11. Bass Solo
12. War Machine
13. Shandi (Partial, only first verse and a bit of the chorus)
14. Crazy Crazy Nights
15. Cold Gin
16. Say Yeah
17. Psycho Circus
18. Black Diamond
19. Rock and Roll All Nite
20. I Was Made for Lovin' You
21. Detroit Rock City
22. Outro: God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II
Duration: 109:00

Paul Stanley - Guitar & vocals
Gene Simmons - Bass & Vocals
Tommy Thayer - Guitar & vocals
Eric Singer - Drums & vocals

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MP3 - KISS live in Moscow 2017 - 2CD - May 1

Band: KISS
Date: May 1st, 2017
Location: Moscow, Russia
Venue: Olympijskiy Stadium
Taper: Barghest

Equipment: SP-SPSB-11 -> SP-CMC-8 -> Edirol R-09HR -> WAV [96kHZ/24 bit-> dithered to 44kHz/16 bit]
Lineage: WAV -> Adobe Audition (Compression-Amplifying-Track Splitting) -> FLAC -> MP3

00 Intro
01 Deuce
02 Shout It Out Loud
03 Lick It Up
04 I Love It Loud
05 Love Gun
06 Firehouse
07 Shock Me
08 Guitar Solo
09 Flaming Youth
10 Bass Solo
11 War Machine
12 Crazy Crazy Nights
13 Cold Gin
14 Say Yeah
15 Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
16 Psycho Circus
17 Black Diamond

18 Detroit Rock City
19 I Was Made for Lovin' You
20 Rock and Roll All Nite

Paul Stanley – rhythm guitar, vocals (1973–present)
Gene Simmons – bass, vocals (1973–present)
Eric Singer – drums, percussion, vocals (1991–1996, 2001−2002, 2004–present)
Tommy Thayer – lead guitar, vocals (2002–present)

Total playing time: 1 hr 48 min 47 sec

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MP3 - KISS live in Hollywood 2011 - 2CD - March 17

Seminole Hard Rock Live
Hollywood, Florida
Recorded by John G.

Lineage: SP CMC-2(AT831)>SPSB-2>Edirol R-09HR 24/44.1>Audacity 1.3.12(levels and fades)>16/44.1>CDWave 1.98(split tracks)>TLH 2.6.0>FLAC Level 8>MP3


- Modern Day Delilah
- Cold Gin
- Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
- Firehouse
- Say Yeah
- Deuce
- Crazy Crazy Nights
- Calling Dr. Love
- Shock Me
- I'm An Animal
- 100,000 Years
- I Love It Loud
- Love Gun
- Black Diamond
- Detroit Rock City
- Beth
- Lick It Up
- Shout It Out Loud
- I Was Made For Lovin' You
- Rock And Roll All Nite


- Paul Stanley - Guitar, Vocals
- Gene Simmons - Bass, vocals
- Tommy Thayer - Guitar, vocals
- Eric Singer - Drums, vocals

Comments: Recorded from Section 301, Row A, stealth.

Download this bootleg here

MP3 - KISS live in San Francisco 1992 - 1CD - April 23

San Francisco, The Stone,1992 April 23rd
AUD Rec.

Source : Silver CD > FLAC > MP3

1-Love Gun
3-Heaven's On Fire
5-Shout it out Loud
7-Calling Dr Love
8-I was made for lovin' you
9-100.000 Years
11-Take it off
13-I Stole your Love
14-Cold Gin
15-Detroit Rock City
16-I want you

A quite important show in Kisstory : this is the very first show of Eric Singer with KISS, who did replace the late Eric Carr.
Done in a small club of San Francisco for the release of the « Revenge » album, the band sounds wild and powerful.

The recording of this show is a really great Audience rec that had been released in silver CD decades ago under the title of « Unholy Kisses ».
Enjoy KISS ARMY !!!


MP3 - KISS live in San Bernadino 1985 - 2CD - February 20 - soundboard

San Bernadino Civic Center
San Bernadino, CA
February 20, 1985
"Animalized Tour"

Source: Soundboard

lineage: Maxell XLII tape>Soundforge>Wav>CD>FLAC>MP3>YOU!!


1. Detroit Rock City
2.  Cold Gin
3. Creatures of the Night
4. Fits Like a Glove
5. Heaven's on Fire
6. Guitar Solo
7. Under the Gun
8. War Machine
9. Drum Solo

1. Young and Wasted (Eric Carr on vocals)
2. Bass Solo
3. I Love It Loud
4. I Still Love You
5. Love Gun
6. Black Diamond
7. Lick It Up
8. Rock and Roll All Nite

Received this years ago back in the tape trading day's.  Did little work in Soundforge, volume raise and left/right evened out a bit.  Tape his is present.  Great show from this non-makeup era!